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81% say it was useful 85% say it was easy to use 61% say they will recommend it to others
81% say it was useful
85% say it was easy to use
61% say they will recommend it to others
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You’ll be surprised at how much you can do yourself to become happier in your life.



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Too many negative thoughts and worries can lead to depression and other illnesses.


New psychological research shows that everyone can increase their ‘level of happiness’ and experience better moods, regardless of where they’re starting from. You just need to know how to do it.


The programme provides you with valuable knowledge on how you can deal with anxiety and stop brooding. It also shows how you can open your eyes to the many sources of daily happiness that exist, but which may be hard to spot.


The overall goal of the programme is to help you become more harmonious and more in touch with yourself – step by step, day by day.


The techniques and advice are based on the latest research in health and psychology. They include physical exercises based on sound files with instructions, plus techniques and tips.


When you think that the going’s getting a bit tough, you can use the smart Help button to get the extra help you need. Right there and then.


Would you like a life with less anxiety and better moods?


Don’t delay, register today! You can leave the programme whenever you wish if you don’t like it.

What you get

The programme will contact you twice a week for nine weeks.
This will take 10–15 minutes on each occasion – via your mobile, tablet or PC.


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