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Wouldn’t it be good to find out a bit more about your drinking habits?


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So that you can enjoy what you drink without worrying about whether you’re drinking too much?


It’s all about Balance. Giving you insight into your alcohol consumption, not getting you to stop drinking.


Balance increases your awareness of how much alcohol you consume and helps you change your habits if you’re in the risk zone. Balance also gives you advice on how to deal with stress and enjoy daily life more.


Great emphasis is placed on the content being easily accessible, enjoyable and pleasurable, as well as giving participants the desired effect.


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Participants in the programme reduced their alcohol consumption by 20% on average. Clinical study performed by Norwegian Centre for Addiction Research in Oslo, 6 months after start of the programme.


You get the test results immediately.

What you get

If you would like anonymous and effective help with reducing your alcohol consumption, the programme will contact you daily over eight weeks, with regular follow-ups for up to 42 weeks.
This will take 10–15 minutes on each occasion – via your mobile, tablet or PC.


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