"It's all in your brain" - Director of research, Filip Drozd


Brushing your teeth in the morning, locking the door when you leave, or… walking to the sofa after too much dinner, bringing the rest of the wine, lighting up if you smoke.

These are all habits. Everyday things you do without the brain being consciously involved. They are stored in your brain’s autopilot. You have done them many times before, no need to worry. The brain can go to autopilot and relax. 


When you try to break one of your habits the brain has to switch to manual. And the brain doesn’t like that.


It wants to stay on autopilot and relax. Just like the airline captain crossing the Atlantic.


So the brain launches a series of psychological processes to prevent you from changing, This is why it’s so hard to change habits, lifestyle and the way we are.


There is a solution

Or to be more accurate, a few hundred. We wish we could say that Changetech found them, but we didn’t. They were developed by researchers in psychology and neuroscience during the last 30 years. What we have done, however, is to organize and digitalize all this research and invent an evidence based method that allows us to create effective, fun, and easy-to-use programs that really help you change.


This is Easychange™